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Don't just use that old computer to play the same old games... why not learn to make some new ones, and learn lots of new things about it!
Learn about the basics of the processor... and then learn about how to program the hardware of many of the most popular systems that used that processor!
All lessons have a text document, a matching Youtube Video, and a discussion forum entry, so you can learn by Reading or Watching and Discussing !

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Atari ST x68000

Sega Mastersystem Sega GameGear Camputers Lynx

Sinclair QL Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Commodore Amiga

Spectrum NEXT Elan Enterprise TI-83

Neo Geo 68000  
MSX and MSX2 ZX Spectrum Sam Coupe

z80 cpc Gameboy and Gameboy Color
Wonderswan MS Dos 8086

Atari Lynx BBC Micro arm

PC-Engine / Turbografix 16 Apple II Super NES
Gameboy Advance
Vic 20 Commodore 64 Atari 800 / 5200

Risc Os

Nintendo NES / Famicom Commander x16


Risc V

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Stereoscopic 3D Special! - Drawing 3D images, 3D Conversion, 3D technologies

Hardware Sprites on the PC Engine / Turbografix

Lesson YQuest10 - Hardware sprites on the Genesis

6809 Lesson 5 - More Maths - Logical Ops, Bit shifts and more

x68000 Hardware Sprites

Joypad & Pen on the GBA / NDS ... Key reading on Risc OS

C64 Hardware Sprites - 6502 ASM Lesson YQuest14

Gaming + more:

Emily The Strange (DS) - Live full playthrough

$150 calculator: Unboxing the Ti-84 Plus CE (eZ80 cpu)

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